Now an annual event, these Photos and films are from our Bulgaria 2018 5 day trip. Taken over the four days of training in the old dojo, this was a very compact and intense 12 hours of study and practice. Situated in Elhovo, South East Bulgaria, everybody enjoyed the training, the weather, the culture and the hospitality. Anybody interested in joining us on this now 1 week (7 days), annual trip (Usually May or June) should Contact Us and ask for further details.

Bulgaria 2018

Want to know what happens when you take 8 Karateka away for 5 days to Bulgaria and just practice Wado Ryu Karate?

This video is a little different in format, as this was not a course, it was 4 days of 4 hours training, and this is just an insight into the last days.

Filmed in our beautiful town of Elhovo in the South East of Bulgaria in May 2018, this is footage from the last day of training in our small dojo. This was our first trip away and was greatly enjoyed by all.
Some core Wado Ryu principals covered here, as well as some of the Wado Ryu Karate syllabus. Led by Sensei Roger Vickerman, and organised by Simon Sheridan Karate, it was an amazing experience. So much so, this has become an annual event. now extended to 7 days and moved to our local sports hall.

Subtitles to come soon, apologies for parts with low sound quality due to the heat, we had a very loud fan running in the background.

Bulgaria 2018

Pairs work demo with Sensei Vickerman

Bulgaria 2018

Breakdown of body movements and management in Wado Ryu.

Taken on our Bulgaria 2018 5 day trip.

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