Photos and video from our advanced courses and classes. For information on upcoming events see our events page.

These photos and videos are from our monthly advanced courses. The photos are just snapshots of techniques being broken down and applied. Click on each gallery below to see the full


Intro to Idori...

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Tanto Dori

Intro to Tanto Dori...

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Kushanku Kata

Intro to Kushanku Kata...

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Pinan Nidan Kata

Intro to Pinan Nidan Kata...

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Bulgaria 5-day Course

Intro to Bulgaria 5-day Course...

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Pinan Yondan Kata

Intro to Pinan Yondan Kata...

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Kumite Kata

Intro to Kumite Kata...

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Seishan Kata

Intro to Seishan Kata...

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Kihon Kumite Kata

Intro to Kihon Kumite Kata...

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Pinan Kata

Intro to Pinan Kata...

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Bassai Kata

Intro to Bassai Kata...

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Jitte Kata

Jitte Kata & Bunkai

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Bulgaria 2019

5 day course

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Niseishi Kata

Niseishi Kata and Bunkai course

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