Photos and video from our advanced courses and classes. For information on upcoming events see our events page.

These photos and videos are from our monthly advanced courses. The photos are just snapshots of techniques being broken down and applied. Click on each gallery below to see the full


Intro to Idori...

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Tanto Dori

2 hour advanced course led by Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate on Tanto Dori (traditional Japanese knife defence).

An in-depth look at this very advance set of techniques from the wado-ryu syllabus.

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Kushanku Kata

Taken from the Chubu / Shuhari advanced kata course in December 2016.

A full and in-depth look at some of the Bunkai and techniques within Kushanku kata, lead by Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi Chubu Karate.

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Pinan Nidan Kata

A look a some of the deeper elements of the first Wado Ryu kata. Some excellent examples of Wado Ryu's take on some karate fundamentals and the mixture of Jujitsu, Kenjitsu and other elements of the martial arts.

Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan breaks down this iconic kata and shows that there is a lot more to learn than meets the eye.

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Bulgaria 5-day Course

Photos and videos from our 1st Bulgaria away course in 2018. 4 x 3 hour sessions looking at all aspects of Wado Ryu Karate

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Pinan Yondan Kata

A blisteringly hot day in July 2018. Looking at some Bunkai (practical application) inside Pinan Yondan kata (Wado Ryu).

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Kumite Kata

Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Wado Ryu explains and demonstrates advanced principals inside the Kumite Gata series from Wado Ryu Karate.

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Seishan Kata

Intro to Seishan Kata...

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Kihon Kumite Kata

Intro to Kihon Kumite Kata...

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Pinan Kata

Intro to Pinan Kata...

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Bassai Kata

Intro to Bassai Kata...

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Jitte Kata

This is an overview of our May course on Wado Ryu's Jitte kata and it's many Bunkai applications. A detailed breakdown with Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan and a look at some in-depth concepts.

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Bulgaria 2019

5 day course

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Niseishi Kata

Niseishi Kata and Bunkai course

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Wado Ryu Fundamentals

Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi covers three of Wado Ryu's core building blocks that differentiate it from most styles of Karate. These three principles live at the heart of Wado Ryu Karate and understanding them will help improve all aspects of your Karate. Covered in a wider course looking at what makes Wado Ryu Wado Ryu.

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Jion Kata and Bunkai

Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi looks at this ancient kata and brings it to life with some applications focusing on Wado Ryu's core principles of movement and technique.

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