What others are saying about our club

"I’m proud to have Sensei Dave as my Instructor, he's a very knowledgeable Instructor and is prepared to take his time with you so that you understand exactly what you are doing” Mike Fellows 1st Kyu.

“Two of my children attend this club, my son has been a member for 5 years now, starting as an angry little boy who needed guidance, he is now training hard and working towards his 1st Dan Black Belt. My daughter couldn’t wait to reach joining age as she wanted to be a part of such a happy united friendly club. Many thanks to Sensei Dave Parry and Sensei Roger for all the hard work that's been put into my son and daughter, fantastic teachers and now very good friends.” Kelly Smith (Mom)

“I like that Sensei Dave helps us calmly and doesn’t shout at us even if we get it wrong, I have made lots of friends at karate and it helps me keep fit. The club is like a big happy family who all work together to help each other. I am proud to be a member of West Midlands Shuhari Wadoryu Karate Club.” Serenity Saunders 8th Mon.

“I enjoy coming to Karate because I enjoy doing new things and making friends and I like Sensei Dave because he is nice.” Emily Rogers aged 8.

“I like learning new things about Karate it is fun and Sensei Dave is the best.” Maisie Rogers aged 6.

“I would recommend this club to anyone who is interested in Karate or the Martial Arts, both my daughters love coming here and have grown both in confidence and self control over the past year. Sensei Dave takes the time to ensure they understand what they are doing and why.” Jo, Mom to Emily and Maisie).

“I really enjoy coming here and Sensei Dave is a really good teacher, I enjoy sparring the most”. Kenzie Wood Aged 8 1/2.

“Sensei Dave is a brilliant teacher who always has time for each child, my son has grown in confidence over the last year since he has been coming here, so I would highly recommend this Karate Club.” Sarah, Kenzie's Mom.

“My son has been coming to this club for just over 3 years, he never misses a lesson unless he is ill. Karate has given him more confidence in himself and its a great family atmosphere, he loves going to Karate twice a week and he has made a lot of friends.” Leslie, Cameron's Mom.