We offer training to all ages and abilities irrespective of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Wado-Ryu is a blend of traditional Japanese karate and ju-jitsu based on relaxation, speed and technique, making it ideal for anybody to practice irrespective of age or gender. See our class schedule for class times.

Our Aim - is to adopt the highest standards and to use these to develop Wado Ryu Karate along the traditional lines as laid down by Meijin Hironori Ohtsuka, preserving the kata and their traditional bunkai applications, but also including techniques through Applied Martial Arts and offering a companionship to all like minded karate-ka.

Families training discounts avalable and 50% discount for the unemployed. Check our membership details for more information. See what others are saying about training at our club

Joining Us

This club is open to all ages from 5 years and upward.

Just come along with your willingness to learn and we will do the rest. It would be helpful if the child knows their left from their right. Your first lesson is “FREE”, just come along in a white Tee shirt and jogging bottoms.

You only pay for your lessons, gradings and your annual insurance renewal.

You train when you want to train, not when it's demanded like some other clubs.

Please contact Alison Parry on 0784263529 who will give you all the information you need.

Meet the Instructors

Sensei Dave Parry 5th Dan

I then joined a Judo club run by Sensei Graham Annington a 3rd Dan training at Wodensborough High School. Unfortunately after 3 years the club was disbanded. Then I heard about a martial art called Lau Gar Kung Fu in Birmingham which was being taught by Master Jeremy Yau.

I trained with Master Jeremy Yau for the next 2 years but as college, work and marriage took over I had to reluctantly give up Lau Gar and I decided I had to find something closer to home...

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Mike Fellows

Mike Fellows as predicted did a blistering Grading for Shodan in front of myself, Dave Jillings 6th Dan and Phil Hale 4th Dan...

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Terry Lunn

Terry is a Junior Instructor who has been involved in the Martial Arts world now for some years...

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Grace Brindley

Grace is a Junior Instructor who has been with us for a while now...

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Our Philosophy

Here at Shuhari Wado Ryu Budo Karate Do we aim to develop Wado Ryu Karate along the guidelines lines of Hironori Ohtsuka, preserving the art and its applications, and offer a friendly environment for training to all likeminded practitioners whatever their race, religion or gender.

We promote an interest in and keep an open mind to the Martial Arts of ALL styles and their backgrounds.

We teach Wado Ryu Karate as a means of self defence and personal development and provide a safe training environment for anyone wishing to learn.

We believe that training at our club and practicing Martial Arts should be enjoyable, rewarding and feel natural.

History of Karate

History of Karate...

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History of Wado Ryu

Was born June 1st 1892 in Shimodate, Ibaragi Prefecture, Japan, and began his training at the age of 5 on advice form his grandmother. His first lessons in the martial arts had been in Ju-Jitsu and were given by his Grandfather, Chojiro Ehashi. Here he learnt the basics of Kicking, punching and throwing....

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History of Shuhari

History of Shuhari Wado Ryu Budo Karate Do club...

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