Joining Us

Please contact Alison Parry on 07522996265 who will give you all the information you need.

This club is open to all ages from 5 years and upward, Children from five years of age will only be allowed to train at the chief instructors discretion.

Just come along with your willingness to learn and we will do the rest. It would be helpful if the child knows their left from their right.

Your first lesson is “FREE”, just come along in a white Tee shirt and jogging Bottoms, that’s all you will need to train in.

You only pay for your lessons / Grading’s / and your annual Insurance Renewal.

You train when you want to train, not when it's demanded like some other clubs.

All we ask is that you apply for your Licence / Grading Book by your 3rd lesson, this is also your Insurance cover, until this is applied for you cannot train - this is to cover YOU and US.

Movement up to the Seniors class is at the discretion of the chief Instructor.

There are, at the moment spaces available for all age groups at the Gayton Road Club.