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Seishan Kata Teaser Trailer

2 minute overview of our full Seishan Kata Kaisetu / Bunkai video.

Seishan Kata and Kaisetsu / Bunkai course video

Wado Ryu Karate - Seishan Kata and Bunkai course with Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi.
A look at this kata from the original 13 Wado Ryu kata. A highly technical overview of the body movements, principals and applications of the moves and techniques of this distinctive kata.
Full kata is shown at the end, with a breakdown of the kata into bunkai and principals throughout.
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Seishan Kata

A breakdown of Seishan Kata. Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan demonstrates gyakuzuki no tsukkomi from Seishan kata

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