Photos and video from our advanced course on Wado Ryu's take on Jion Kata and it's applicatiions. Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi looks at this ancient kata and brings it to life with some applications focusing on Wado Ryu's core principles of movement and technique.

Jion Kata Course Preview

2 Minute preview video of the Wado Ryu Karate Join Kata course.

Enjoy this music only version some of the action from this exciting course, but check out the full 10-minute video for deep explanations and demonstrations.

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Jion Kata & kaisetsu / Bunkai Course

Jion is an ancient Kata practiced by many styles of Karate around the world. This is an interpretation applying the fundamental principals of Wado Ryu Karate. This video was filmed at our Jion Kata advanced course with Sensei Roger Vickerman 6th Dan Renshi, and explores this classic kata and some of its practical applications.

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