West Midlands Shuhari Wadoryu

West Midlands Shuhari Wadoryu is a family orientated Martial Arts club based in West Bromwich, we offer training to all ages and abilities irrespective of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Wado-ryu is a blend of traditional Japanese karate and ju-jitsu based on relaxation, speed and technique, making it ideal for anybody to practice irrespective of age or gender. See our class schedule for class times.

Our Aim - is to adopt the highest standards and to use these to develop Wado ryu karate along the traditional lines as laid down by Meijin Hironori Ohtsuka, preserving the kata and their traditional bunkai applications, but also including techniques through Applied Martial Arts and offering a companionship to all like minded karate-ka.

Families training discounts avalable and 50% discount for the unemployed. Check our membership details for more information. See what others are saying about training at our club


The mountain symbolises the climb in order to reach our goals, not just in the Martial Arts, but in life.

The green signifies peace and harmony on our journey. We should strive for peace within ourselves, with our fellow human beings and live in peace and harmony with our surroundings.

The Brown land signifies “The Way” is not always straightforward and sometimes you will need to “fight” or “strive” to get where you need to be in life!